Public Heroes GTA – Awards Ceremony 2022


GTA Public Heroes Awards Ceremony – April 2022

Public Heroes Awards Ceremony GTA 2022 took place on May 6th, 2023 at Paradise Banquet Hall. Every year, IDI identifies a charitable organization and a portion of the proceeds of the award ceremony will be donated to our charity partner. Please check our website for the details of the charitable organization.

The program will start with a reception and networking session. The dinner and award ceremony will start at 7 pm. Please visit for further updates regarding the program.

The voting process to identify the Award Recipients ended and Hosting & Selection Committee identified this year’s Award Recipients. Please find the list of award recipients and the information about their accomplishments below.


Every year IDI Toronto organizes a media launch to kick off the nomination process for Public Heroes Awards. This event is also the venue for recognition of the youth, future Public Heroes.

Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) Regina organized the first public heroes award ceremony with the participation of government of Saskatchewan ministers, the mayor of Regina, and general directors of Regina Police Department, Regina Paramedic Service and Regina Fire Department.

Public Heroes GTA 2016 Awards Ceremony was held on April 14, 2016 at Mississauga Convention Centre. 16 heroes from several services across the GTA were presented Public Heroes Awards. Click on the picture to see the list of award recipients along with photos and videos from the awards ceremony.